January 17, 2013 § 6 Comments

The stunning conclustion of the critically acclaimed “HELLO PANEGUIN” game. Experience penguin the way it was meant to be played with 14-ish ‘PENGUIN ACTIONS’ and 5 unique endings. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, pick your copy up today.

It’ll answer you’re deepest questions and quandries
It’s an introspective on the human condition
you’ll have fun, and feel a little bit scared
but it’s okay

because penguin is right beside you

dropbox: link

noxid.ca: link

A program that plays sound effects

December 30, 2012 § 3 Comments

Here’s a real tiny program I came up with in maybe half an hour. What it’s for is to play the sound effects in the engine, so I don’t have to guess what they sound like or what name means what sound.


If anybody’s interested you can download the file from here. But don’t expect me to give any support for it, it’s just a personal tool :b

I also have a bunch of stuff done on the engine but it’s not really the kind of thing I can “show off”. Well, besides transparent tile types, and parallax scrolling maps. But sometimes I’m just too lazy to take pictures!
Maybe I’ll post a build to jump on that bandwagon of “everybody and their dog is making a cs clone on the forums”. I would be pretty cool and original I bet.

also uhhhhhhhh happy holidays??? I’m not dead yet???

BL coming soon

November 21, 2012 § 4 Comments

The latest version of Booster’s Lab will feature a spruced-up UI (yay colours), shortcuts, bugfixes, and a number of other features to make editing with it both easier and more enjoyable. Because what good is a tool that’s not fun to use?
The full upcoming changelist is being kept on the thread, a step up from “doing stuff and then forgetting what I made better” which was the previous changelog model.

I say “soon” because I have a few things to finalize before I’ll be ready to actually release it, but if you keep up with the forum you’ll get it as soon as I’m ready. Shoutout to HyMyNameIsMatt for making the lovely splash page and background textures. Thanks!


It’s been too long

November 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Ok so I kind of went into a radio silence for a little while because I was a) unhappy with what I had done and b) unhappy with myself and c) totally burnt out

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything, but it still feels like the things I have been doing haven’t amounted to anything. There are some bugfixes for the editor done, and I’m starting to put some focus back on the engine itself again. The TSC parser is getting nearly ship-shape and some of the important entities are starting to come together. I’m also enveloped in a constant deluge of requests for other people for this and that. And my schoolwork.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining and that’s maybe part of the reason I haven’t blagged lately since complaining is all I feel like doing when it comes to my work. So, something positive, uh….

I got some watercolor pencil crayons..?!
is there such punctuation as a half-exclaimation mark for feigned enthusiasm?

Website updates and Hello Penguin

October 25, 2012 § 5 Comments

First order of business, I’ve just recently finished a major-ish upgrade to the “art” section of my website to allow people to comment on stuff. No signup necessary, so feel free to make a fake name and anonymously troll me or something. If you do feel like actually commenting, the avatars are from gravatar, FYI.
obligatory link http://noxid.ca/art

The other thing that has happened in the last update period would be the release of my latest game project “Hello Penguin”. To quote the game description:

The new game from the new company called “Hello Penguin”.  Created as a designer’s challenge in 4 hours, Hello Penguin takes you on a magical text based adventure through YOUR mind.  See if you can find ALL the hidden endings.

Pick it up from http://noxid.ca/files/HELLOPENGUIN.zip todayyyy
updates pending(!??!?!)

Wow macs are confusing you guys

October 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

Alright so last week I went to my university’s macintosh computer lab to see how things worked on “the dark side”, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be :S

For one it probably didn’t help that the computers in the lab only had Java 1.5 (of which I’d need at LEAST 1.6 to work properly) and I didn’t have admin access (ofc), but even the format of the game itself is wacky. For one it’s like, a disk image that you have to virtually mount(???) and I’m like what’s all that about

then I tried to copy the .app from its pretty little mounting to the desktop and it’s all “Oh this application doesn’t work now”. Is it possible to run the game from an arbitrary location? I don’t know. And can I modify the files in the .app from a java application? mysteries. I had a hard enough time figuring out how to right-click.

so I copied the files to a USB for analysis when I got back to the comfort of my windows machines.


October 10, 2012 § 3 Comments

“dear internets: I ate turkey all weekend”

“turkey is more important than any of the shit you want from me”

fuck yeah

look at all that code, it’s off the chain

also the engine is being co developed by me(sic)
since I am responsible for like 50% of its code now

Additionally, CptFabulous is still sexy.

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