The Thank-you Page

This is the page I’m going to dedicate to acknowledging and keeping track of all those who’ve helped me with my Mod. Really, There’s no way on earth I could pull this stuff off by myself. In no particular order…

Pixel – No amount of cred could ever be mad enough for this guy.

Wistil – CE’s Daddy, who was even kind enough to rig me up a version of the editor that was compatible with the larger tilesets

Runelancer – Father of all assembly hacks, whether he knows it or not his work layed the groundwork for all that came after it, including mine.

Lace & Dooey – These guys were a great help and encouragement to me when I was just learning assembly and I may well have never bothered without their guides and stuff.

GIRakaCHEEZER – He’s helped me on numerous occasions, and I try my best to help him too. Definitely at least part of the reason I haven’t given up yet; I’m sure he’d never let me live it down.

Cyowolf – Possibly my first helper, helped me with the design of Yuki’s facepic and other things when I was decidedly awful at pixel art.

Keron – An invaluable playtester who pointed out countless tiny flaws for me as well as offering more suggestions than I deserve, I’m sure.

Riftcast – He’s the dude responsible for at least half of the high-res graphics, as well as composing several pieces of music for me that I’ll probably butcher when I transfer to PxTone  format… Sorry in advance!

Volley – For the spectuacular work on the beginning cutscene thing, and for being an all-around inspiration with his awesome artwork.

bobbyis – In his own way, he helped me to get the Crystal Cave maps done.

I’d also like to thank everybody else from the Cave Story Tribute Site Forums for support and also their patience in waiting at least two forevers for me to even get this far.
If you feel like you helped out in some significant way and I’ve forgotten, feel free to let me know. Unless you’re Marx, in which case the answer is no.

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