A possibly terrible idea, and a not-so-terrible one

September 13, 2012 § 3 Comments

The first idea is an update to the script segment, adding something where there was naught before. Image:


So basically what you’re looking at is a window where you can write some javascript and have it output on the right (out is just a bind to the JTextArea so if you really wanted you could do all kinds of weird things to it).
The idea is to have a way to programatically generate repetitive TSC code and, while this is probably the most robust solution I can implement without putting any effort into it, not a lot of people who want to make CS mods may know javascript. Heck, even I don’t. So, my eventual plan is to have some simple variables and an iterative print. The variable definitions would go where “label” is right now..
If it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it, that’s for me to fix. On the note of fixing things, god swing is hard to lay things out nicely with. I probably complain about this more than is necessary but it was way too hard to just get it to fill the space, let alone behave well when things are in one text box or the other & when resizing.

The OTHER idea that I think is actually useful is a hacking interface that will basically be “push butan get hack”. Hacks will have to be predefined in an xml format that I’m working on defining (although I may initially release a partial implementation of the planned set of fields). This would be used to say what the gui looks like (buttons, input boxes, etc) and how to use the data in it. It’ll be somewhat complicated to set up a hack but designed well they could be versatile and add new depth to CS modding.
lol who am i kidding only 12 year olds do this nowadays anyway…………..

§ 3 Responses to A possibly terrible idea, and a not-so-terrible one

  • trickybilly says:

    Very laudable. I like advanced stuff, but please never forget about us clueless noobs who like to create something new in their freetime, as easy as possible. Actually advanced things are welcome too if they are concisely and nicely explained. When you’ll be a professional programmer who makes popular progies, think of the noobies. For example if you take the (otherwise great) game Sub Command with it’s more than 200 pages long manual… it featured even Target Motion Analysis too, which even professional artillery soldiers do only briefly…everything badly explained…a game that could be game of the year with a better manual failed….

  • Carrotlord says:

    Very nice. I think you should keep the JavaScript as an option. It’s a powerful programming language that has objects with no classes at all.

    For a moment I thought you made your own programming language but of course only morons with too much free time do that.

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