CsEngine Stuff:

May 2011 First Look: My initial public showing of the Allegro-based CsEngine


Mod Stuff:

Demo [Mar. 2011]
The first appearance of 2x graphics, and the new Crystal Cave layout/look

Demo [Jan. 2010]
Please bear in mind that this still should be considered a very *early* demo, for one, and for two it’s pretty difficult so prepare yourself for a bit of frusteration… I’ll try to be easier in future.
Direct Link

Fix for 64-bit operating systems for 2010 demo

GIR’s edited tileset [Instructions on how to apply included, I think below.]
For 2010 version

Sample ORG tunes

Azarashi mod

Hungry Hungry Mahins (Die, Die Galaxy mod)

The Island Contest mod (2x res graphics!)

Mac version


Hacking related stuff:

Modding Beginner’s Guide (10k+ words of friendly advice and such)
Modding Beginners guide

Assembly Compendium (stuff for ASM hacks)

Entity list excel file (for recording changes to entities, also include a song listing)

Map Data Mover (used for porting mods to the Mac, transfers the inboard map data.

§ 17 Responses to Downloads

  • No instructions for appling on the tileset.

  • immortalshippo says:

    Sample ORGs lead to the tileset.

  • Al Long says:

    The mac version has a couple of glitches:

    1) Sora’s sprites are mixed with the grave keeper’s and the annoying white thing from the egg corridor

    2) when you enter the fishing bro’s house every now and then, it will restart

  • Bluebox says:

    I’m enjoying your mod very well :)

    Well, I have a problem during playing this :(
    It’s graphic? turns very weird.
    This happens after ‘Noxid presents…’ thing.
    I have no idea to explain this.

    Well, it’s okay when I play this in 320×240 size.

    Is there any solution for this?
    Please let me know!

    • Noxid says:

      Can you provide a screenshot of the issue?

      • Bluebox says:

        Oh! The problem was fixed today.
        Today I got your reply and I was going to it to capture the graphic error.
        But now the error was gone! :D

        I’m still wondering why it could be fixed.
        I wasn’t kidding you. I swear.

        Well, I can enjoy your mod finally!
        and thanks for the reply. :)

        p.s. if the error is back again, I’ll give you the screenshot of the graphic error.

    • Bluebox says:

      Well, thank you for helping me at that time. ;)
      But can you help me once again…?

      Oh, it’s not about this mod.
      But I think I can’t get some advice except for here.

      I want to register at Cave Story Tribute Site Forum.
      I tired to a number of times, but I could’n t… T-T

      I Googled about this , but it didn’t work for me.

      The error message is : Your answer to the challenge question was not valid. Please try again.
      Please, give me the answer about this.
      What should I do to fix that ANNOYING error and register the forum???

      • Noxid says:

        I guess you’ll have to answer the challenge question correctly >.>
        Do you need help with it? I don’t know what it is / how many there are.

        There have been other people registering lately, so I don’t think it’s glitched

        • Bluebox says:

          Ahh, it’s not glitched.

          Sorry, my mistake ;)
          I was using Chrome, so I couldn’t find the blank next to the ‘Cave’
          or… I was just stupid hehe

          Well, thanks for the reply!
          See you in the forum! XD

  • reuben755 says:

    remember me? i am Toxicman…..i love ur ks (king story) mod sooo much! :)

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