Busy (again)

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Apologies for the awfully late posts but I’ve had my hands full for the last little while between looking after myself and work and doing things for the internet and playing terraria. Spent some hours trying to find a good image gallery solution for my website but eventually decided that nothing would really work the way I wanted and since I already use deviantart (hur) I might as well just stick with it. Not like I’m a professional arter anyway, just a hobbyist.

Got a bit done to the big list of entity sprite rects that needs to be made for the editor to show entity sprites.

Made a request pic on the weekend of Mahin watching cartoons, here if you want to see it but somehow haven’t already.

And apart from that, and planning for other things I need to do later in the summer, I at least have not been bored.

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