BL V0.0.4 coming out next week

April 24, 2012 § 6 Comments

yes I am committing to this which means I really have no choice but to knuckle down and do it.

This will feature the ability to rearrange maps in the map list, save map data, and maybe if I’m feeling ambitious I will introduce the hacking screen. Maybe.

Still no entities part but I’ve run out of things to do that aren’t that so that can only mean it’s what I’m working on next!! right!?


that is all

§ 6 Responses to BL V0.0.4 coming out next week

  • Not nessecarily. I mean, you could waste your time in all sorts of ways next. You can make something that plays a selected org with the map so the player can hear it while they design, or you can replace all the UI with something related to fish. Like the fish from Ikachan as the mouse! Ooh! And you can put a ‘help’ tab in there with all the commonly asked questions about TSC so no one bugs you about them on the forums!

    See, there’s alot of ways to avoid doing the work you don’t want to do! I’ve personally mastered this procrastination, so much, that I’m waiting until the end of my life to actually start procrastinating.

  • trickybilly says:

    I want a talking monkey as a helper in your editor (like Clippit as “Office Assistant” in MS Word)…nah a working “add new map” button will suffice :p

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