On Sue’s Workshop

April 10, 2012 § 9 Comments

Today I am going to surprise you by actually having some content in my blog post. I’ve been working on the whole “saving the mapdata” part of the editor, which is a bit more difficult than it sounds because there are literally like five different ways to save it depending on what kind of mod you’re making or what you’ve modded with in the past.

The easiest one, for me, is either CS+ or the format I’m using for my own mod, since they’re just external files. Saving mapdata for Cave Story however, is a much more tricky maneuver since it’s all hard-coded into the executable.

The way Sue’s Workshop does it is to add an extra section to the end of the executable, and put all the new map data in there. Now, you may know that an .exe modified with Sue’s shouldn’t be touched with resource hacker – this is because the resource segment is now *before* this new map segment, so if you add music, or images and the resource size is larger than the original, it’ll overwrite your map data.

Cave Editor’s solution is to place the new map data *before* the resource segment, so that it doesn’t interfere with resource hacker. Cave Editor, having come after Sue’s Workshop, also has the ability to “convert” an exe that’s been modified with Sue’s to use the new Cave Editor way of storing the map data. However, due to slight differences in conventions this is also what makes the two editors incompatible.

My editor will follow Cave Editor’s format when it comes to CS mods, meaning it will be capable of loading both Sue’s and CE modded games. As well it’ll also have the drawback of being only forward-compatible with Sue’s. That editor is just too old and feature-barren to be worth supporting, along with the fact that it messes up your game’s data segments….

Now, you may have heard that there’s a new Sue’s Workshop coming out. This is a project that is (maybe?) under development by S. P. Gardebiter. I don’t know much about his format, but he seems to be leaning towards project-like mods (kind of like a solution in Visual Studio if you’ve ever used that maybe). I don’t think there will be a whole lot of cross-compatiblity… partly because I don’t know what he’s doing and partly because I don’t even know when he’s going to even finish that. It’s been on-and-off development for at least three years now and not even a public demo yet..

Gardebiter also doesn’t really know anything about data segments so I expect the new Sue’s to have all the same flaws the old one did. Tragic, really…

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§ 9 Responses to On Sue’s Workshop

  • Saddness. Well, time to talk about game concepts with my crew and lable it as progress!

  • S. P. Gardebiter says:

    Ahem, just saying Noxid but I actually asked you and some other members on the forums about this data segments in exe files and I never recieved any answer except “I don’t know.”.

    • Noxid says:

      Well I didn’t at the time 8V
      I seem to recall linking you to a technical document released by microsoft that you could read to find out but you weren’t interested in that..

      • S. P. Gardebiter says:

        I know but you could have sended me some more information about this stuff after you found out yourself. Also these technicial documents weren’t written very well and english is not my mother language so all the technicial terms were kind of hard to me to understand. But I’ve told you that, it’s not that I weren’t interested in that but I wasn’t able to understand those documentations.

        And now you’re writing an own editor yourself, while in the meantime I’ve tried to help JTE on Agora’s Legends, which seemed to be a much better solution. Is it that instead of working with me or other people together, you prefered to work against me or is it just out of you beeing uninformed?

  • sonicguy says:

    cool. i tried to edit a doukutsu file with cave editor that i also used sues with. every single map and ressource was deleted.

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