Before I forget…

February 14, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’ll write this up REAL FAST like speed of sound. I took this weekend as a weekend of rest, partly because I was starting to get a bit drained from spending every waking hour working on something and partly because GIR wouldn’t leave me alone until I read that visual novel about cripples. These aren’t my kind of thing but at least the writing was pretty good for the most part, even if the second act dragged on a bit. In other news let me tell you more things you don’t care about because this is a blog and screw content. The TV I was using as a computer monitor decided to suddenly stop working last week after less than a year of use (note: don’t use televisions as computer monitors, and don’t buy a TV from polaroid). I bought a new computer monitor the same day and it looks great but spending money made me sad. At least I have a bit of money to spend, what with working and all.

With regards to things that matter, I plan on modifying the TSC Editor next weekend to import it and/or its core functionality into the level editor. I’d say it should be easy because most of it is already done but nothing is ever easy… nothing.

§ 3 Responses to Before I forget…

  • True. Nothing is ever easy in this buisness.

  • trickybilly says:

    Sparing money is a good thing, but you deserve a good monitor. You are going to be a programmer and need to save your eyes with a good quality product. Don’t worry about the cash, you sound – from the above – like you have good sense for monetary things. Certainly better than some of my poor aquintances in Serbia who buy like an ASUS Full HD Monitor for CREDIT (!!!!) and almost eat potatoes and bread only for a month (not much an exageration) to compensate. You western people -in general- maybe have a healthier approach to money.

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