Organya – Pxtone converter

January 3, 2012 § 4 Comments

This week I wrote an application to convert org files (the music format used by cave story) to ptcop files (the format used by my new engine). This will save me tons of time converting the music over by hand, and as well, other people can use it too maybe I guess??

So I guess this tangentially counts as work towards KSS because I’ll use it for KSS?

You can download it directly here, or if you prefer via mediafire

§ 4 Responses to Organya – Pxtone converter

  • Nice cat. The converter looks nice and easy to use. 1) What is the adventage of ptcop files over .org files? 2) If we would want to use ptcop in a mod or otherwise do we need some extra knowledge? 3) If we do not want to mod does the conversion give us some benefit? Anyways, well done :)

    • Noxid says:

      ptcop is a more advanced format than organya; you can make more dynamic, complex music with it. Using ptcop in a C/C++ application is easy because there’s a DLL, but other than that you’d have to be borderline genius to make it work. The conversion tool is only marginally useful to anybody who isn’t me, because most people who write orgs write orgs and don’t need them to be pxtone files. That said, if anybody wants to use it they’re free to it.

  • Is the asciii doodle:

    A) a dog

    B) a rabbit

    C) a mimiga

    D) a foreign biological entity from an obscure game? (I mean no offense)

  • Aw, a… cat.
    Yeah, a cat.

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