Entities approaching completion

September 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

Almost all entities that need to be “lifted” from the cave story engine have been copied over now, so all that remains are those entities of my own design that I’ve assembly hacked into the game (and there aren’t that many), after which I can begin on the TSC parser. The TSC parser itself will probably be the biggest component yet, since it has so many facets that tie in to most every aspect of the engine, finishing it properly will probably require me to finish the entire thing. The actual parsing itself isn’t so difficult, but there are 101 commands that need to be written and unlike entities almost none of them are self-contained…

But I guess once that’s done there won’t be much left to do for the actual engine? I have this nagging feeling that I am forgetting a hundred million things but it’s just toooo earrrlyyy for me think of them.

Pictures, pictures, pictures….. *rummages furiously*

Aha! this will do. I drew it. Pic unrelated.

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