Modest progress

July 19, 2011 § 7 Comments

It can load the file, and it can highlight the text, but it still needs more work before it’s um, “stable”. There will maybe be some buttons in that upper box??????????
only time can tell.
My face is so itchy D:

§ 7 Responses to Modest progress

  • Carrotlord says:

    Now that is impressive. It can even tell the difference between a message with <FAC and a message without.

    Does it do the same for a <SAT/<TUR message? I believe a <SAT/<TUR message without facepics can have a line length 6 characters longer than a regular no-facepic message, because the characters are all squished together.

    • Noxid says:

      I didn’t have any reference info for that so I hadn’t included it, but I certainly can!
      I actually plan to have chars/line customizable because if you use a different font or make some bizzare hack to change message box size you can still use the (script) editor to its fullest!

  • Multiple tabs and it reads how many characters are used in text. I’m totally downloading that when your done. The only thing it doesn’t have is Cave Editor’s picture preview.

    • Noxid says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do Picture Preview, certainly not in the first release. But there will be the “define” thing, so instead of <FAC0002 you could just type <FAC[SUE_SAD] or something.
      That is my compromise.

      • Ah. I suppose that would work. Since your working on a fan game istead of a mod you have alot more freedom. You can use animated font. Make it big and shaking for angry yelling, move up and down for something scary, etc…

        All it would require is time a few adjustments to the tsc program. Of course it would be for your own personal use. The rest of us would use what you’re making now.

  • Does it make popcorn?

  • ThunderSock says:

    More like MODDEST progress.

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