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July 5, 2011 § 9 Comments


It looks pretty terrible right now, I know. That’s because it is! It doesn’t even do anything, I just started yesterday. But anyways, I’m making my script editor external because it would just be a huge pain to do it in-game, or at least, it wouldn’t be nearly as robust. It will have many more features, such as:

  • Syntax highlighting, including an indicator for when you’re going over the textbox character limit
  • A list thingy at the top where you can open a script from the stage name
  • Command info graciously borrowed from CaveEditor (which in turn was graciously borrowed from Sue’s Workshop if I recall)
  • Some button to search for things/highlight them??
  • Maybe some kind of #define macro-replacement system?
  • Kittens
Please suggest the things I have undoubtedly forgotten. I would also like to mention that this script editor will be available for free public use, open source and all that good stuff.

§ 9 Responses to Script Editor

  • Carrotlord says:

    Well it seems you’re using Java. Now I can give you stuffs.

    Here’s a neat little trick to force the GUI to look like a Windows app if you’re on Windows, a Mac app if you’re on Mac, etc.

    try {
    } catch (UnsupportedLookAndFeelException exceptionInfo) {
    // Ignore this exception.
    } catch (ClassNotFoundException exceptionInfo) {
    // Ignore this exception.
    } catch (InstantiationException exceptionInfo) {
    // Ignore this exception.
    } catch (IllegalAccessException exceptionInfo) {
    // Ignore this exception.

    (Put that right before your GUI is initialized.)

    I also have code for “search/highlight text inside a textbox” and those #define macros that I used in the Assembler, so I could probably give that to you too if you want.

  • onelace says:


    how will the kittens be involved?

  • Are you making it it’s own seperate program or as aa part of the editor? Cause as a seperate program we can use it too. Cave Editor has no copy paste >_>

    I believe when you start typing dialog, a little box apears and adds one to the number inside it every time you put a character in. No more counting!

    • Noxid says:

      It will indeed be a seperate program
      And CE can too copy-paste, you use ctrl-c and ctrl-v like you should be doing with any other program you copy-paste with. If you’re right clicking instead of using the keyboard shortcuts… D:

      I was actually going to show that by having the background of the text come up red for words that are over the character limit. Much easier to see that way.

      • Wait… ctrl-c?


        That was one of my issues with Cave Editor. Now I know how to fix it. The only short cut I ever really use though is ctrl-scroll to zoom in and out when drawing. Lesson learned. I should just look up a list of common short cuts.

  • bobbyis says:

    I am definitely happy about the syntax highlighting, my mod’s textboxes look like crap because I can’t judge what it’s going to look like from looking within CE, so most of mine end up too short or too long.

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