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May 31, 2011 § 8 Comments

Last week I got it sort-of done. Like, the “It looks like it works but it really doesn’t do much” kind of done like the Map editor was before when I showed a picture of it. Anyway, this is what it will look like more or less when it’s finished.

Not entirely sure why I even bother with thumbnails if they all look basically the same

Let’s see uh, the entity’s Category/Subcategory/Name/Preview Rect is actually stored in an external .txt file for easy modification. I’m pretty pleased with how it has turned out so far, despite having some frustration getting it to work in the first place. An entity can belong to multiple categories so you can organize by say, entity types, or by what’s on what tileset, or something else absolutely ridiculous if you were so inclined. The reason Critter(g) ‘s preview is messed up is because the engine is of course using the two entity spritesheets that are loaded for that map, so if it’s not supposed to be there then it won’t show up right in the preview either.
Missing are again, the buttons (for some reason it seems I don’t like doing those). I think I planned to have a button for “Edit Npc.tbl info”, and “Save PXE”.
If you notice, hovering over an entity shows a list of the names of all the entities on that tile. I still need to implement the like, exact scheme of what clicks do what in which circumstances, but my general idea is such:

Left-click selects, ctrl-left multi-selects, shift-left to select all of a certain type (?). Left-clicking a non-entity-containing square will deselect all (Unless ctrl is pressed)
If a single entity is selected, its stats will be displayed on the right and will be editable.
If multiple are selected then uh, the stats on the right will probably still show for the first but they won’t be editable (this is because I’m lazy)
Groups of selected entities must be drag-able. Still not sure how to differentiate between a click that’s supposed to mean “drag” and a click that’s supposed to mean “Select/Unselect”.

right-click places an entity with the stats displayed on the right. OR MAYBE ctrl- or shift-right could be drag.

ctrl-c will copy all the selected entities to the ‘clipboard’, and ctrl-v will paste them. Somehow. When I say clipboard I don’t mean the actual clipboard but rather a fake internal one I am going to hodgepodge together probably.

Wow, that was a long post! Fun fact: I just decided on how all those mouse clicks would work as I wrote them.

§ 8 Responses to Entity Editor

  • Sounds like it is quickly moving along :3

    At first I thought, Quote had labeled Itoh a Critter… Look out Itoh!

    • With a second look, the only advice that I can offer…
      It might just be me, but I love Photoshop’s way of scrolling around an image. Or in this case scrolling around a large map.

      Hold down space and left click to quickly (and easily) scroll where you want to go; instead of slow scrolling…
      If you have a zoom feature, I think photoshop uses control + and control – to quick zoom.

      I can’t stress hotkeys enough xD

      • Noxid says:

        I’ve never actually used PS before.. but it probably works the same in Paint.Net. I *might* be able to do something like that..

        There is a zoom feature, and shortcut keys for that would be much easier to implement so I can definitely manage that at least.

        I like hotkeys too :0

  • This is gonna be EPIC… even though your the only one who can use it. But it will be an available editor for whatever other game you may make one day.

  • Master Of Mortis says:

    Kind like paint meets word. But with Cave Story tendencies. Heh. Suicidal Tenencies! I’M NOT CRAZY! INSTITUTIONALIZED! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S CRAZY! INSTITUTIONALIZED! They locked me up in an institution, said it was the only solution to keep my from the enemy of my self……

  • Master Of Mortis says:

    I have issues!

  • Master Of Mortis says:

    Waaaaait,is the cursor Ikachan? That is tripindicular!

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