I need to stop making predictions

May 24, 2011 § 5 Comments

Okay, so I didn’t quite get an entity-editing mode ready like I’d hoped, but I did spend the time working on the map editor so that it’s more stable and functional. One of the things I’m having trouble with is actually deciding how I want the interface for the entity editor to look. I’m not really all that happy with how Cave Editor handles it, but I’ve never really have used anything else like it. If anyone has suggestions I’d be happy to hear them :]

§ 5 Responses to I need to stop making predictions

  • I haven’t used the entity editor much yet; but here’s what I’d imagine :
    First cover all the basics.
    Definitely want to see the entity, and maybe toggleable hitboxes. It would be really nice to actually have the entity have a live preview of what it does. If it’s a monster, have it do its thing in the preview.
    Perhaps a test entity button, that drops you the player into a test map with it, so you can see how it reacts to damage or the player etc.

    It would be nice to be able to access the entity editor from the map editor. Just a right-click properties on some entity and boom~ You can adjust them.

    It would also be nice if you could make an entity unique, changing the attributes of a particular entity already in existence; or adding a flag that will change it or something…

    Er maybe I’m off track!! How do you want it to look…
    Perhaps have different editor layouts depending on the type of entity? If it’s a monster, have all that extended information, if it’s something else; just have the information you want.

    A ridiculous way of displaying it :
    Put the picture of the entity with hitboxes and preview, all in one; in the middle of a circular window.
    Up, left, right and down from the middle are various types of information that can expand.
    Right, might display damage, hitpoints, etc
    Left, might display scripts, flags, etc
    The look should be akin to a circular window that when all 4 parts are expanded looks like a red flower!

    Lastly, make it really convenient to find entities; either by sorting them by categories, or a search box, or something better than Cave Editor..
    [Ultimate ease would having thumbnails of the various entities.]

    • Noxid says:

      Well, I don’t think I’ll do something quite so “ornate”, but you make some good points.
      The whole “Entity Preview” deal is sort of worked out by having the editor built-in, so you can jump straight from placing to playing in an instant. At least, that’s the idea..
      Thanks :]

  • Bobbyis says:

    I think when selecting an entity, you should see its sprites, as well as its animation, so you know what it will look like before testing.

  • I believe it would be nice to see the entity, it’s health, it’s damage, and how many of this entity are on the map. Knowing the exact health and damage helps you decide whether or not it should be somewhere.

  • Master Of Mortis says:

    What?!?! No more predictions?! What about your psychic detective agency; Psych? Season 6 is gonna suck, & it’s all your fault!!!!

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