Functional map editing

May 17, 2011 § 3 Comments

Which at this point means, I can lay a tile (or a block of tiles) on any of the four map layers. The other (five…?) “Draw modes” will be finished I suppose next week, after which I’ll be able to start on the pxe (entity) editing mode. The scrollbars were a lot of work (they were entirely made from scratch) but hey! I can reuse those. Also missing are two buttons at the bottom (“Save Map” and “Edit Mapdata”) which honestly shouldn’t take very long to throw together. At this rate I’ll have probably one portion of the editor finished each week (Cheat mode, Map, Entity, TSC) so after that, I can get back to actually making the game playable or something.

Requisite image

§ 3 Responses to Functional map editing

  • Ah, more stuff to drool over that I cannot have!

    Can you resize the map on the fly as well?
    Also, would you want the ability to move all tiles and entities X or Y? Possibly with the option to loop to the other side. Or a crazy idea to reverse (flip) all tiles etc…
    Ah, anyways progress looking good.

    • Noxid says:

      Resizing the map is something that would be part of that “Edit Mapdata” button I neglected to put in, so yeah it certainly could. I hadn’t thought about any “Move all” capability (the latter would be part of the seperate pxe editor mode anyway). Shifting the map might be nice, I remember CE could do that. Other sort of large-scale transformations would also be doable, but to be honest, I’d probably never use them… >.>

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