May 10, 2011 § 7 Comments

I was convinced this week that I need to do my own editor for the game as well as the engine, so I’ve put off making the engine itself more functional until I can get the in-game editor in place. So far I’ve got this lovely little debugging interface set up, which does a nifty little slide-away thing to reveal more of the screen. All I really have functioning right now is Cheat Mode, which is showcased in this screenshot here.

It's really big

Still lacking a field for spawning an entity, some “God Mode” toggles, and a couple more buttons I just thought of a few minutes ago. The lower portion is the sort of context-info area that changes based on which mode it’s in, and the top info updates constantly as the game runs.  Apart from that, I’ve got chinfish which weren’t there a week ago, and collision with them works (but doesn’t cause damage).

The editor mode won’t be included in the playable versions and I’ve used some preprocessor #defines to keep the unused code and stuff from clogging up the .exe

On a highly tangential note, I kind of feel bad that I haven’t done any pixel arts since I started programming this.

Oh also I redesigned the “hud” in the top-left a bit.

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