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April 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Well, I was working really hard on something most-of last week, and I kinda want to share it, but I still think I’m not *quite* ready yet. Maybe I’ll be ready to tell y’all next tuesday.

I do have some other news that I can share though, and that’s that I have a part-time-ish job now, which is good (because everybody needs money) but also not so good (because it will take time away from my development). Well, in the meantime, I recommend you go to Daniel Remar’s website and download the Scrap Pack 2. There’s a game in there called “Metrojd” that I think is an  interesting spin on the classical “Metroid” sort of engine. If you’ve already played it, don’t spoil it for anybody with your comments (or I may delete them) :0

§ 2 Responses to New news

  • Hiya, this is X-Calibar :D
    I played the scrap pack 1 and 2 a month ago…

    Metrojd?! :X

    All I can say is people should play it when they are tired, it is late; with speakers at a decent level, rather than headphones.
    It had a great* effect on me under those conditions xD

    btw there was another scrappack2 game I recommend trying after Metrojd, if you are : Man Enough. (My high score was 21!)

    My dreams that night were … …

    • Noxid says:

      Ah yes, Man Enough was another one I really liked. I managed 21 my first playthrough, and 27 my second. It really gets hard to focus on everything going on at once.

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