Bugfixes for V0.1.0.4

March 22, 2011 § 6 Comments

Various bugfixes in V0.1.0.4, such as the TSC elevator crash, issues with the manual password puzzle text not appearing correctly, Mech explosive rounds not damaging the PC through single blocks, Rolling Cube things falling down elevator shafts, the wrong music in the Assembly Hall, Debug Save removed, Can now press F3 to open suboptions in fullscreen (thanks to GIRakaCheezer), Plasma Bolt xp levels decreased (not that you really need it..), some aesthetic tiles in Mimiga Village fixed, it should now *not* be possible to leave the main Mimiga Village area until all robots are defeated, more saves added to Crystal Caves area.

Direct Link via Tile44.org


EDIT: It seems that in fixing the 2nd lift I accidentally made it impossible to go down. The links have been updated.

§ 6 Responses to Bugfixes for V0.1.0.4

  • adarkman says:

    Cairn crashes if you ask for the “Long Story” and if you “use” that one spot in the rubble, the screen never unfades.


  • Hunter says:

    finally! a full screen! thx gir!

  • Hunter says:

    another glitch. when “checking for survivors, when you go in aurthurs house, you cant leave.

  • Hunter says:

    Ha. Must suck. well i finished the demo but the major improvement was some debugs and a whole new look and crystal cave. other than that, the demo was about the same as the last one.
    ~obvious glitch horse is obvious.:P

  • Immortalshippo says:

    You can make the last kller robot kill itself by standing on the thing near Mahin’s storehouse (or wherever it has a block directly above it) and letting it fire missiles. I also couldn’t get theblue flower it dropped.

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