Version Release

March 15, 2011 § 22 Comments

You can grab it here (Direct Link) or here (Mediafire)

Version is the first demo to contain the new high res graphics and a ton of other things. To be honest I’ve probably forgotten half of what I did, so why not just download and see for yourself?

I suspect I will need to fix some dire bug and have V0.1.0.4 for next week…


§ 22 Responses to Version Release

  • Hunter says:

    Sounds cool. i will try it.

  • Hunter says:

    Tried it but when it said to put a password i did not know how. i tried typing, pressing random buttons, nothing. Anyways, i like the layout of the crystal cave better and there is the boss. the weird thing about the boss was if you stood on a platform right under it and it tried to bomb you, it would hurt itself. thats pretty much what i did for the battle. >-<

    • Noxid says:

      It’s the same puzzle as the last version
      You have to go get rocks from the table and use them on machines to “figure out” the answer.

  • someone says:

    Altho it is very minor, and you may know about it already, if you try to go into the farm when the rebots are attacking or afterwords the …’s just appear. Also in the save file the number of how much helth you have is the max and only the bar shows the true. I’m just a bit finicky with this stuff. Other them the “dire bug” which I assume means the points you can crash the game, everything worked fine.

  • adarkman says:

    I’ve somehow managed yet again to have no time to actually do anything, and yet when I do have time, have lost the mood to do anything. >.<

    Well, anywho, I found your dire bug.
    The second elevator in the crystal caves crashes the game if you try to "use" it a second time, unlike the first which just stops/goes until it reaches it's stop point.

  • UltimaLink says:

    Well, I just started playing, congratulations, you ruined any hope I had of making a mod that was good :/

    Anyways, so far I’m at the part you get the crowbar. Is it bad I immediately thought of Half Life when I got it?

    • Noxid says:

      Maybe it’s because I just woke up and am therefore slightly confused, but does that mean you don’t like it?

      The association with HL2, at least on a superficial level, is semi-intentional so that is totally justified.

  • blacklimelight says:

    I chose to actually do the math, but every time I try, it’s incorrect. how did you guys get the answer?

    • Noxid says:

      There’s a possiblility I messed up the numbers. Two of the tests simply give you the result, but for density you have to keep track of the values for volume and mass, and figure out the density of the stone. The reading on the scale includes both mass of the beaker and the liquid in it. If you still can’t figure it out, then the answer is given on the last line of this post (link)

  • blacklimelight says:

    also i found that, during the first boss fight in the migma village, it lets you skip it completely. if you go into the savepoint after the boss has appeared and go back out to the village, then the bossfight is over. it might even happen before all the other robots are dead.

  • blacklimelight says:

    this may just be my copy but in the crystal cave, the elevator from the cave-in going up create’s an error that shuts the game down.

    • Noxid says:

      That’s a mistake on my part; I must have moved around the TSC and broken it there. I’ll get it fixed certainly for, along with a few other things. Thanks for letting me know about these bugs.

  • ThatCrippleGuy says:

    I found this mod just a few days ago from a mention by GIRakaCHEEZER, and I have to say I’m already in love with it. I can already tell waiting for this to be finish will be a painful process, I hope it gets done sooner than later!

    Also, you might know this since you explicitly stated the Professor’s dialogue isn’t finished, but the game gets an error prompt and crashes if you try to hear the long version of his story. Also, after the screen fades to black when you answer yes or no to his favor, the screen never un-fades.

    You know, if it meant helping this game get finished faster, I’d honestly consider being an active beta tester if you’d let me. Not that I have any programming experience… >_>

    • Noxid says:

      I’m glad you liked it. I actually haven’t done private testing in a while, mostly because a) it takes me hours just to get the thing cleaned up and ready to put up for download (there are a few things I do to make it more difficult for people to alter) and b) I usually already have a list of things that need to be made/fixed that’s a mile long so I figure no sense getting people to add to that until I think I’ve got it under control (It’s never under control).
      What I need most right now is people who could help with content.. specifically writing music in PxTone, since I’m going to replace the whole music engine eventually.
      Also, so you know, you need to have at least one approved comment before they will start to show up on their own. Like an anti-spam sort of deal.

  • LastOrders says:

    Keep up the good work on the Mod. I love it!

    Some bugs i found:

    1:One of these rolling enemies attacked me, and as i ran away to look for a better place to take it out, it fell through the elevator and down the elevator shaft.

    2:While using the second elevator, you can jump to the left to get into a little cave with some bats and a yellow flower in it. However, the flower is useless. You can’t interact with it.

  • My suggestions:
    * Crystal caves needs another save point. Preferably inside human structure with measure tools
    * Second weapon could have either a bit longer range on Lv3 or 3 bullets to be fired at once. It seems promising but works like Nemesis?
    * Enemies fall through elevators. This could be fixed. After beating the ‘post-crowbar’ boss for first time, character had 1 hp remaining, I wanted to just get down faster, so did not kill the ‘wheel’ enemy. It fell through elevator, and when it went to lowest state, it jumped and killed character. Sad story.
    * When choosing profile to be loaded from main menu, game somehow lags. Is it how it’s meant to be?
    But overall, great work on this.
    Judging from blog posts, it takes a long while to make this ammount of work.

    • Noxid says:

      First and Third points will be fixed for tuesday, possibly the second as well.. I haven’t really got a good “balance” for that weapon yet. As for the lag on the title screen, that’s because the game actually loads a profile every time you move the cursor. It’s not the most desirable way to do it but it was the easiest.
      I would like to agree with you on the last part, but there was a long time in the middle there where I was probably doing more work on other people’s mods than my own… I will try to be a little more focused from now on though because I would like to be finished so I can move on to a different project.

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