Decision Decided

January 25, 2011 § 22 Comments

After reviewing the results of the poll, as well as the considerate advice people left in the comments, I’ve decided to more or less go with the second option of a more linear, controlled storyline. I’ve seen many a project be consumed by it’s own ambition, and I want to avoid that of course. However, I’ll compromise and add some minor deviations from the central plot. The best of both worlds! At least, I hope.

§ 22 Responses to Decision Decided

  • Hunter says:

    Yes! I knew it! I look forward to seeing real updates in the future! But I have a question. In the demo it has cave story’s normal sprites. In the screenshots it has the improved graphics. Will you use the graphics or was that just something to get people interested, because they really got me.

  • Hunter says:

    I really like this mod, I hope it can be finished, unlike other mods because that would be a real letdown.

  • Nooooo the first option would’ve been so much better.

    At least you have some hope of finishing this mod now, probably.

  • You now only have to finish the area your building now.

  • UltimaLink says:

    You should at least put in multiple endings. Like Cave Story had, three different ones, one being the best in which King saves everyone or something, a good one in which it leads to Arthur and the other girl (Haven’t played it in a while, forget her name, sorry) dying, and then one where they all die or something.

    I’m assuming you can tell which one I think is canon to the games plot, but it would be nice to have more than one so it has more replay value. And the way you get them could be through simple side quests like Cave Story had with Curly and the mushroom. Like, you do a sidequest to save the one girl(again, I forgot her name because I’m retarded) and she gives you a ring or something that’s used to see which ending you get, like Curly gave you the charm-medallion-thing.

    Bleh, I’m rambling again.

    • Noxid says:

      I always did want to have multiple endings. I think my major issue was that leading up to them I ended up trying to make multiple middles and beginnings as well. I’m going to simplify my model.

  • Hunter says:

    Yes I would like to see multiple endings. Noxid, have you been thinking about the time king “dies” in the pre-toroko fight? I think maybe when he dies that could of been a fake king or that It was him and he goes to sacred grounds. The fake king could have been a hologram that the scientist guys make.

    • Noxid says:

      Nah, I wouldn’t want to cheapen the death of King in the original game. That’s a very important part of the game and I wouldn’t dare mess with it.

      @ below comment, Time zones?

  • Hunter says:

    WTF??? It says I posted at 1143 when noxid posted at 1245

  • Hunter says:

    Ok, so you said you didnt want to cheapen kings death. what about when he dies, he goes to sacred grounds.(Hell) cthlu says king failed them and there was a way king could get the humans away from the island but they stop talking because they dont think he is up for the job. he has to fight a minion of ballos. This helps get rid of the humans because then quote wont have to work so hard. if king succeds, he goes up to heaven or whatever mimigas call it, up to you, and meets all the killed mimigas in the village. he also finds his mom and dad and kings soul is trusted within the blade given to quote. Just a suggestion, but I think it would be a good way to end the game instead of getting hit by lightning and dying.

    • Noxid says:

      To be honest, I was never planning to go so far as taking from -10 years to present :0
      That’d be a really long game. My focus is more specifically on the Red Flower war

      I appreciate the suggestions though

    • Master Of Mortis says:

      How about as Arthur dies, he hands king his sword, as a nod to the original Cave Story?

  • Hunter says:

    Hmm… after this Mod maybe you could make another one that focuses on after the flower war. you could make what i said a cutscene in the beginning and then have the place where quote curly and balrog go and there is something wrong with it but it will probably be a few years before this mod is done. Id like to help with this mod. Id like to come with plot ideas and sprites, but mostly plot.

  • The only reason it’s hard to come up with multiple endings is King’s very static personality. You mentioned a couple weeks back that you were frustrated due to a lack of hacking. Why not go back and add some stuff. Make playing one area more fun than it was the first time.

  • Santa says:

    Linear is never a bad thing. Only when it gets predictable.
    Cave Story itself had a linear story, with minor deviations that only heightened its initial replay value, such as alternate sets of armaments and such. I feel like an echo in pointing this out though…

  • Royal Tyler says:

    When I looked up the definition of linear, it said something straight. Do you mean no side-quests, because I hate side-quest. Or do you mean something else, because I’m thinking of novelizing your story if your okay with it.

    • Noxid says:

      I suppose “Straightforward” would be the best way to put it, meaning less branching storylines to say “Well maybe this happened, or maybe this, or this…” and instead just picking one and focusing on that.

      Also what novelizing?
      I can’t tell if that’s a joke or serious question.

      • Royal Tyler says:

        I’m think of literally doing a Cave Story collab book, a book with only what I think are GOOD fan stories that express the timeline of cave story in a proper way. I’m going to include my own written stories like one might take place at the town Ballos use to live before he was sentenced to live at the center of the island because of Jenka. That’s the only good story I thought of except for maybe a story of Balrog’s early life before he became a servant of the demon crown. I want to get two of my own stories wether being novelized or my own idea. I’m thinking I might take your game mod, King’s Story, and make a typed writing of it and put in the book. I will give credit to all people and influences. I then might put this book on the web, and keep a printed copy for myself.

  • Royal Tyler says:

    TY, I will be patient for the full game’s arival.

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