Emergency Poll

January 21, 2011 § 16 Comments

Well, I think I need help. I’m feeling stuck and I need to know what I should do to move on, or else I’m going to debate with myself forever and never get anything done.

The problem is, I think I may be trying to overreach myself with the story. Since the very beginning, I wanted to be able to give flexibility with choices and reactions to situations and these would cause different things to happen in the game. However, as I finally get around to trying to implement this, I am finding it more and more difficult to make it work. I’ll summarize the options below:

1) Going with my original plan, trying to write as much freedom into the game as possible. To do this, I more or less have to give King a bunch of different personalities to suit the actions, and write all the dialogue three times. My main issue with this is that for one, certain actions can close off some activities, open up others, and leading to slightly different routes which continue to diverge so far that I may well end up having to write several different plots altogether. This stretches my mental resources so to say, having to personalize and justify all these different possiblities.

2) Stick to a conventional narrative, with the main character’s actions more or less predetermined and following and rigidly guided route. This would be the easiest for me, and it would give me the most control over the character. I wouldn’ t need to write everything over and over so I can keep the one, main set of dialogue more consistent and better written. Unfortunately, this would also make the mod much more linear in nature.

So, mostly I need to be told what’s best for me to do, and then I’ll have a reason to stick with that. I argue against my own ideas far too much.

§ 16 Responses to Emergency Poll

  • trickybilly says:

    Sleep on it, that`s really good advice. One of my teachers said to me once: “One thing what is amazing is that in the morning some of life`s problems does not seem too big and complicated at all.” Look at the bright side and not as “emergency”, these difficulties will prepare you to be a more experienced programmer. Btw. I don`t have a clue what`s good from these, just wanted to give feedback – at least this way.

    • Noxid says:

      I’ve been debating this issue with myself for several days now, so I don’t think sleeping on it will help any more than it already has. Sometimes, a bit of guidance is what I need to make a decision.

  • trickybilly says:

    Okies, Option 1.

  • adarkman says:

    I actually have an idea that combines both options (Can you change mine to option three plz? :S)

    Taking from from Guild Wars: Nightfall, you could have a single big game, with occasional minor splits, which would then have to be completed before it is possible to go back and do the other sides.

    I.e: In the game, at one point you have to choose between two people, with one leading you to free your leader from an enemy prison, who tells you of a secret passage into the next area of the game, and then much later, find two princes within their “bunker” and convince them to help fight the enemy. The other leads to a different route to get to this secret entrance, but then merges with the other story until it comes to that last thing, but on this side you have to help the third prince defend this “Great Wall” from attack by the enemy forces. After those two missions, the storyline re merges, and the character cannot do the mission opposite to his/her choice until (s)he beats the game.

    This would allow you to allow players freedom, while still maintaining a manageable game.
    ___ ___]_______]_____

    • adarkman says:

      Well that didn’t turn out to well.

      – – – – – – _______
      – – ___ – – ___]_______]_____

      • Noxid says:

        Hmm.. but that seems like I’d have to end up writing more “events” rather than just different versions of the same event. It sounds like er, even more work D:

        Also, I have no idea what those dashes are supposed to be.

  • Maybe you should let choices affect things, but minor things. Like you getting one of two items or weapons based on an action, or a different ending sequence based on someone living or dieing. I don’t know, it’s usually best to keep a satable plot, and let elements of game play be up to choice, that’s what Pixel did.

  • Hunter says:

    Im not sure. I guess im neutral.

  • Master Of Mortis says:

    Better idea!!! By using clues from cave story, make a backstory for king (who, in my opinion, should be given a real name)!!! Wait!!!! That is your M.O!!!!!!!

  • DT says:

    Voted 2. I think you’re going to have to go with that anyway if you want to ever get this finished, or at least cut the branching options down somewhat. King kind of has a set personality in the future anyway so IMO that kind of thing might work better in a different project. Either way the poll seems pretty even so you can probably do whatever you feel like doing.

  • randomgamer says:

    I would suggest that you allow for the story to take different routes that end the same way. In other words, mix both approaches.

  • Ardryn says:

    If you’re going with what I think you’re going with (Cave Story’s bad/normal/good end) then might I suggest you restrict yourself to only two endings/paths? Have the trigger for it be relatively early in the story, so that way you don’t have to keep writing several different ‘characters’ for King, and can instead only split yourself to two paths with no possibility for cross interaction.

  • So are you not updating today?

  • Malpercio says:

    As much as i prefer option 1, i think option 2 would be a better choice for the sake of both your sanity and the mod ever getting finished
    ultimately, it’s up to you
    Try one route, and if you feel you shouldn’t be doing it that way, go the other route

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