The Professor

January 18, 2011 § 9 Comments

Professor Roderick Cairn is a researcher at of the many independent posts scattered across the island. He carries a bachelor of science in applied physics and a PhD in earth sciences, specializing in crystallography. Dr. Cairn jumped at the opportunity to research the various crystalline formations buried within the Island in the sky, as it was rumored to contain things never before seen on earth. He was not disappointed when he arrived at his post, finding a labyrinth of tunnels so rich in crystals and semi-precious stones they were budding forth from the very ground.

Dr. Cairn lives alone, was married once and never had children. His wife died twelve years ago from cancer, and he devotes himself fully to his work, possibly as a way to forget the pain of losing her. When not studying rocks, Dr. Cairn enjoys fishing and hiking, and he always brings his “Lucky lure” with him in a tiny box wherever he goes. The only other inhabitant at his research post is a small helper bot named Jerry, who assists with various mundane tasks like maintenance of the facility.

*subject to change at whenever I feel like it

§ 9 Responses to The Professor

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