Working on a shack

October 12, 2010 § 8 Comments

First of all, once again it’s thanksgiving for all those in the Great White North, so I hope you enjoyed your turkeys or your hams or your spiced tofu as tradition and personal preference dictates. This week there’s two main things that I’ve worked on – First, there’s DB’s hack thing that basically is a text input TSC command. I could adapt it for use in my own mod, but would there be much purpose? I suppose you could enter a password for something, Idunno. Maybe I’ll just carve out the bit that maps every keyboard key and use that for some secret cheat codes or something. Everybody loves cheat codes!

Now, what I’ve got for myself is some more graphics for the Crystal Cave area. A few more decorative bits maybe and I’ll call the tiles for the Human section finished-ish. I’ve got for you two pictures, a before and after, to like show the process or something I guess. First, I drafted up a general design for a wall and came up with this sort of structure here:

Apologies for the CE Selector box but I’m too lazy to fix it. Anyway, that looks all clean and smooth, which I try to avoid, so after I’ve got a concept down I rough it up a bit and add texture, dirt, that sort of stuff. The result is this:

As you can see somewhere along the line it went from looking more like metal to looking like wood, but I think it’s alright. Right?

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