Back to School

September 7, 2010 § 10 Comments

Yep, as the title says, today I’ll be heading back up to University.. Summer’s over :[

Sadly, this means less free time to spend modding on account of I’m not too keen on failing courses over this thing. I’ll still work at it though, and try to have a little something new to show every week just like before.

Anyway, the general opinion was that the BG should have more crystals? I thought it would start to look kinda cluttered, but I guess if that’s what you want.. Well, take a look.

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§ 10 Responses to Back to School

  • Cultr1 says:

    Too many crystals, bro.

  • Nomnom says:

    Looking good. Much better then the screens shown before.

  • carrotlord says:

    All right dude, take your time. Modding, albeit fun, is not nearly as important as your career/university studies.

  • trickybillly says:

    Wish you a successful school-year. Can`t really help you on the artistic side of the picture. Two random ideas:

    1 when I saw the previous background pic I noticed that the crystals are positioned like they are seen from above. It would be fun to use this kind of illusion for scenes when King is at some height (e.g. top of a mountain) and you see the landscape below

    2 I`ve heard that at the game “Spelunky” the level is automatically generated (so it will be different every time you play). I wonder if randomness (maybe not in this exact manner, but any other way) can be implemented in the mod (and will it be beneficial).

    Also I`ve got a nice job at last, yee-haaw :))) Sorry for the long post :P

    • Noxid says:

      Random generation is.. finnicky. Also hard. I’ve played Spelunky, it’s pretty fun. I’m not sure if such a concept could be put to use for this mod or not. I don’t really like that it adds a ‘luck’ factor with getting good/bad spawns either. I prefer to have things designed with purpose. There can be some random things, but I won’t rely too heavily on it.
      Also, congratulations on getting a job :]

  • trickybilly says:

    Lol your poll could be sabotaged, watch out!! If you vote with Firefox and then go Tools–clear recent history–choose everything—check all the boxes–clear now you can vote as many times as you want!! 43 votes where kind of a little too many to be a real number don`t you think? I`ve voted 3x (first option) (only to see if cheating is possible) so -2 votes for the first option. A certain game that I play with this sort of cheat voting has won a big prize, lol, that`s why I know about this stuff :p

    • Noxid says:

      Well, that’s because I blocked by cookies, now and in the past. I SUPPOSE I’ll have to block by I.P. now, won’t I? :/
      Anyway the final decision is mine, and I think this new new one looks cluttered and dumb so I wont’ use it.

  • You actually have a very decent amount of crystals, and I know how tempting it can be just to fill in more space with this kinda stuff. I believe that this is a good balance.

  • adarkman says:

    I don’t think there’s too many crsytals in the BG, because it matches the FG, as it is almost ENTIRELY crystal.

  • brianbdm says:

    That background looks really pretty! I don’t think that there’s too many crystals there. They don’t stand out because they’re darker. Good job!

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