Sort of almost Mac version

July 13, 2010 § 8 Comments

So this week I’ve mostly been toying with the idea of Mac mods. I thought it would be cool to have my mod work on the Mac for those poor folks who don’t have a real computer. It’s tough though, since I don’t have a Mac and thus I can’t actually test it or anything, and I have to edit many things with just a hex editor.  It’s not perfect. Hell, I can’t even guarantee it works, but I have put together something that I am pretty sure ought to give you the jist of my mod. The further in you get, the more likely you are to have problems. Oh and if you want to report a bug go ahead but I probably won’t do anything about it, or probably even have the ability to fix it at all. Also it only works on Intel macs.

Many thanks to Tile44 interactive for letting me host some files!

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§ 8 Responses to Sort of almost Mac version

  • UltimaLink says:

    >For those who don’t have a real computer

    Prepare to get flamed up the as for this. Just saying.

    • Noxid says:

      I think there might be like maybe three people in the entire world that fall into the two requisite categories of “Own a mac” and “Care about CS mods enough to look at my blog”. Of those three I’m sure at least two will be able to take a joke, So I should be alright.

  • trickybilly says:

    I have a pc so can`t comment on this. Just wanted to add an off topic suggestion of putting some secrets in the mod (like in CS when you beat Ironhead and Ikachans fill the screen, the alien medal, Curly`s pants,etc.). Btw. are secrets like these what gamers call “ester eggs”? People like to collect them when playing.

    • Noxid says:

      Heh, yeah. it’s “easter eggs”, and I do plan on having some. In fact there already is one :0

      but there’s nothing to let you know where it might be yet so I don’t expect it to be easily found.

  • thatguy says:

    I have both a PC and a Mac, the PC probably being more powerful. I use my Mac because it has more software I use, and I prefer the OS.
    So hold your tongue :>

  • ThunderSock says:

    This is very useful for me, since I can’t run a windows emulator due to my OS not being top-of-the-line.

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