This has been a pretty lame month

June 28, 2010 § 3 Comments

Well I don’t really even know what to say this week; It seems to me I’ve had more days in June with my computer taken away than I’ve had it :/

It wasn’t even hardly my fault this time, really. My parents just overreact to pretty much everything and this is how they deal with things.

Err… Anyway…

I think that crystal area was pretty terrible just so you guys know. The way it was introduced, the look of it, the funtivities I arranged within – mostly dumb and/or awful. There are parts that will be salvaged, but I think that it will probably be largely unrecognizable when it’s finished. Well maybe not unrecognizable but it will definitely be a different place.

A better place :0

§ 3 Responses to This has been a pretty lame month

  • trickybilly says:

    Hehe, a good strategy is to try not to show your parents what you like much, since they will punish you right there :) I know they took away my computer monitor`s cable all the time, but I was never punished for e.g.with “no TV”, since I don`t watch TV much… Also you can improve your mod as much as you want, but it will never be as awesome as my favourite game: . All right, I`ll stop joking now, cheer up and don`t be naughty :)

    Best wishes, trickybilly

  • woodenrat says:

    Haha it sucks when this happens. Most of the time when I get wires taken away is because my brother did something stupid, so they prevent me from using the PC simply because there’s a possibility he might use it too.

    Anyways the crystal cave was OK Noxid, really.

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