What plan?

June 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well it seems like I basically failed to make any headway on the things I’d wanted to get done last week. Didn’t get much for a title screen, and the entity AI is still bugged. Mostly because I didn’t have good computer access for most of the week which made it hard to do anything really. Anyway, incase you weren’t aware, Boots talked me into another one of his ASM schemes and now we have the TSC system upgraded to allow variables and such. The core of it is the new commands:

<VARXXXX:YYYY – Sets variable # XXXX to YYYY.

<VAOXXXX$YYYY – Performs operation $ [can be +,-,* or %] on variable XXXX with value YYYY

<VAZXXXX:YYYY – Zeros YYYY variables starting from XXXX

<VAJXXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ:WWWW – Compare XXXX to YYYY with method ZZZZ, jump to WWWW if true.

<RNDXXXX:YYYY:ZZZZ – Put value between XXXX and YYYY into variable ZZZZ.

<NUMXXXX prints the number of variable XXXX into the message box I think.

So that should allow for some really fun and interesting script things.
Also I have an editor now! Hurray.

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