Oh, I am slain!

May 25, 2010 § 7 Comments

I thought death should be a little more interesting than it currently was, so I decided to mix things up a bit with the ol’ ASM. I may also throw in a few context-sensitive deaths, but no guarantees…

Checklist completion: 12/28
(That thing up there took a long time to get right)

§ 7 Responses to Oh, I am slain!

  • trickybilly says:

    This is a nice idea. Btw. when you reach checklist No.28 does it mean we get a demo (or a full game) or is it unrelated? Hi res graphics in CS are tempting me for a long time especially since I can`t buy CS Wii in my country…

    • Noxid says:

      Well, at this point when I reach checklist #28 that’s when I’ll have everything set up to make the maps, cutscenes bossfights etc. for the rest of the next demo segment. When that happens, I’ll probably add a few new items to the list so maybe it’ll go to 32, 40, etc.

      A big one there is I need Wistil to fix my editor :/
      That’d get a bunch of things moving.

  • Riftcast says:

    This is sweet! Custom death screen looks absolutely boss! A couple context sensitive deaths would be fun; maybe something dumb pops up when King dies in an completely retarded way that could only happen if the player forced him to die like that.

    For example, you could have King in the research labs pass by a table with chemistry equipment setup. If you press down on the set, the game asks you if you want King to drink the chemicals. If you pick yes, he’ll interject, citing that the bottles are clearly marked poisonous with a skull and crossbones. Player persists, King shows you a small picture of the bottle, insisting that you reconsider. Press further and he drinks it, dying instantly. Another dumb death would be insisting that King smokes his cigs even when near death. Basically, if the death is forced on King by the player, you should get some custom death screen that either insults you or offers confusion (“GAME OVER: You are a moron.”). Something custom kind of like when you drown yourself in your own house (“Suicide is not the answer”) would be awesome.

    Currently I’m still tweaking the Mimiga tileset. I’ll send you what I got so far in a few minutes. Just wanted to say that this is an awesome update! Looking forward to all the other stuff to come! :D

  • ThunderSock says:

    What about “You have drowned.” and ” You were never seen again.”?

    • Noxid says:

      I might not go the whole 9 yards with those but I’ll probably make them different somehow. Not entirely sure what I might do to represent them graphically though.

  • brianbdm says:

    Wow, that looks… grim. I like the idea of changing it, except… maybe something that doesn’t look like the guy who got hit by the plane propeller in Indiana Jones. I mean, really, he’s a bunny. That’s cruelty to animals! I’m going to report you! :p

    • Noxid says:

      Well the whole mod was supposed to be grim from the get-go. That’s my favourite part of it ;)
      The only downside I guess is that dying makes me sad now.

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