I’m utterly powerless.

March 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well, when I came back to university after the break, I forgot the power cord for my laptop! How foolish of me. This thing doesn’t have great battery life to begin with, and I left it about half-charged when I took it, so things don’t look so good; I’ve decided to post this now rather than wait till Tuesday because I have no idea what my computer access situation is going to be. I can’t even take my stuff onto a USB to work on a public computer because I forgot that too >.<

Well, anyways, so far I’ve got a working version of a beam trigger, and I’ll see if I can’t implement some fancy visibility methods involving smoke or something.

It looks much better when it's moving.

EDIT: Fortune has smiled upon me; I found somebody’s USB drive in my jeans pocket this morning, and I had just enough juice left in my PC to put the important stuff onto it. Perhaps this week won’t be a complete wash after all!

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  • trickybilly says:

    You commute to the city where the university is? I did that when I was still a student. You are so tired after the bus and sometimes forget something… In this screenshot I noticed the red sign with the ! mark and the caution sign. The ! sign is fine, but as for the “caution” sign is really hard to read.

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