The Day the Tileset Went

February 9, 2010 § 10 Comments

I have several noteworthy updates of progress (my, isn’t this a change?). First and foremost, I’ll be revealing a special surprise from GIRakaCHEEZER. He has graciously volunteered to orchestrate a redraw of the green crystal tileset in the hopes of making it more appeasing to the eye.

I find the simpler design is much cleaner to look at overall, and it is, relatively, closer to the “Pixel” style. The only problem is, like a coat of high-gloss varnish, it brings out certain imperfections in the layout. I spent a minute to try and fix the biggest. If you want to take a look, simply follow Noxid’s 3 steps to success:
1) Download this thing:
2) Unzip the folder
3) Copy everything into the data>stage folder, selecting YES to overwriting the old stuff.

There you go! Now you’re clicking like the internet pros. The second item on my agenda is that I’ve finished the camera (in record time I might add). It may look something like this:

Only a bit slower. And it even works to boot! I’ve already started plans for a 2nd custom NPC for the level, but this one will remain a secret I suppose.

§ 10 Responses to The Day the Tileset Went

  • la man says:

    oh gawd, the new tileset looks AWFUL*
    you are not pixel, don’t try to imitate him, and anyways, this just looks like it was run through a few horrid filters or something. Doesn’t fit the style of the game, looks like it was made out of clay by a kindergärtner, etcetera. I didn’t even really get the “omg, this tiles makes mi ayes bleeeeeed” sorta deal people were spurting, and this is a definite downturn. gah.

    The camera looks awesome though (red light mebbe?).

    *no offense to gir, of course.

  • Fahrenheight says:

    The new one is like not crystaly.. I mean not shiny, looks plain..
    I still prefer the old one, but Its your decision anyway.

    (no offense to GIR)

    man the camera is AWESOME! I wish I can use that in my mod..

    • I don’t know if this is all that fair of a comparison, you see…

      Noxid modified the new one to be darker and it ended up losing its shine, making it look a little pastely (I thinks).

      The image on the left is a sample of what was originally sent to Noxid. The image on the right is me taking 5 min of time today to give it a bit more contrast.


  • Keron says:

    The contrast on the right is much better. If you notice the rocks, Pixel uses a palette of 5 colors, no? And he is very clever in the construction so that it does not look like it repeats easily (or plainly). The thing is his rocks fit well to the background, too. The crystals don’t (to be brutally frank, never did), and needs players to adapt to them first.

    The GIF of the camera when it is facing directly down has one white pixel that momentarily flashes in the top-right.

    • N0xid says:

      Why u gotta make fun of my gifs >.>
      Just kidding. I actually want to replace the background, I have an idea that might be the thing to make it “mesh” much better. The side-by-side comparison is what really draws ire, so from now on I’m going to use either all pixel’s graphics for a level or all my own graphics for a level. I’d do EVERYTHING my own, but there are certain things that must be done in grasstown, and there’s no point of redrawing it because it’s already perfect.

  • trickybilly says:

    The camera rulez. Maybe I liked more the old crystals, but I`m not very artistic to judge rightly.

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