The 2nd custom NPC

February 2, 2010 § 8 Comments

I was home from university for the weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to do much on my mod. It’s like a vacation when I go home, so whatevs. I suppose I can share my plans for the next custom NPC I have planned. A camera, that will sort of rotate and have a moving field of view. Better hope it doesn’t catch you!

Exclusive concept art!

You could sneak around it, or perhaps shoot it, or maybe even find a way to turn them all off. Automated defense systems certainly are a pain, hm?

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§ 8 Responses to The 2nd custom NPC

  • la man says:

    what arm can it invoke on the player exactly?
    looks sweeet.

  • trickybilly says:

    Cameras? Haven`t seen these in any mod so far…innovative! What kind of university you go (not the name I`m asking, but like: technical, jura, etc….)? What will you be if you “grow up”? I hope you`ll be a programmer making nice freeware games for me :-)

    • N0xid says:

      Um, I dunno, a regular type? XD
      I’m taking an undergrad degree in chemical engineering at the moment, but sometimes I wonder if it’s really the right thing for me. I mean, I’m generally good at it, and it’s a useful degree, but I find my heart’s not really in it all the time. I’d rather make games… But, I worry that it would be a hard way to make a living, as in finding a good job somewhere.

      I’m still young though, I have time to figure it out. If I don’t make games for a living, I could always do it as a hobby like our esteemed Pixel.

  • Xander says:

    Where’s the little red light? All security cameras have little red lights.

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