It’s in YOUR hands! (Demo release)

January 8, 2010 § 12 Comments

After nearly 6 months of work, the first-ish completed demo of my mod is available. I must say, I am quite excited to be able to present this to you. It has been a great deal of work on my part, and I hope that you enjoy it. Any and all feedback is welcome, you can post comments right here on my blog if you like.

Now it’s time to go back and start planning the next segment… and I certainly have learned a few things about planning since I started this one, so hopefully things will go better (Doesn’t mean it won’t take as long, just means it’ll come out better in the end).

Also, the new title is King: Strife and Sacrifice. I feel that should be on the page somewhere  in case Google comes looking for it… And there won’t be a blog update the coming tuesday, because, well, there won’t really be that much to show now will there?

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§ 12 Responses to It’s in YOUR hands! (Demo release)

  • Santa says:

    Hey, thanks for the key, but it’s not mine. Would there by any chance be a mac version of this mod after it’s completed?

    • Noxid says:

      I’d love to, but I’m not sure how I’d do that…
      Maybe I can check out what they did for regular cave story.
      Problem is, I don’t know anything about macs :/

      • Santa says:

        Oh… guess I’m locked out for the time being. Hope you or someone finds a Mr. Traveler to help convert it; I haven’t a trifle of experience with programing, but I’d have liked to input my opinion on the demo’s progress and such. Regardless, I’ll follow the blog’s progress, just in case there’s water to draw in the end.

  • RandomPerson says:

    This game….Oh…This game. This game is har- Oh wait, no. You think you made the game hard? You made it cruel. Starting me off with the bubbler? Perfectly fine. Giving me a ten bubble limit? Why? Thats all I have to ask. Why? This game is amazingly cruel. Every enemy I encountered, before I gave up, could kill me in two hits. And I saw only ONE life powerup, just one. And it was surrounded by spikes. I hate this game SO MUCH. If you could just start the player off with a better weapon, make the enemies less powerful, and get rid of the cruel spikes surrounding the life powerup, I would like this. The gameplay is awful, but the story is great. I almost shed a tear when King lost his mother. You have the right frame, but the wrong filling. Gameplay, two out of four stars. Story, as much of it I could find, three and a half stars.

    • Noxid says:

      Ah, the difficulty. It’s been brought to my attention before, and I certainly plan to make better of it for the next release. You could actually have a total of 13 health before entering the second zone, but I neglected to give any hints for one and the other was actually supposed to be super secret. As for the 10-bubble limit, I’d done that because I wanted to have the bubbler upgradable [There’s actually an ammo boost for it right in the village after the attack].

      Thank you for taking the time to give feedback, I try my best to listen and fix what needs to be fixed.

      • RandomPersonCriticMan says:

        Well, thanks for the feedback. I guess I never thought to be ransacking my newly-dead friends’ houses (As I guess thats where one of the life powerups is.)

        • Noxid says:

          Actually all the health-ups are before the attack or in the crystal area. The +2 one’s in the storehouse on the top shelf; I gave that one away months ago on the Miraigamer forum but it needs a clue ingame :/
          And, the second one is as I said, impossible unless you’ve been told where it is or are on a second playthrough of the entire game; Kinda like the booster 2.0.
          That may sound kinda silly but there is some reasoning behind it.
          EDIT: Oh, yeah, and I know that one with the spikes is really evil, but my logic was that you could get it on the way back when you’ve gotten enough health to take a hit. In the next demo. >_>

  • RandomPersonCriticMan says:

    Well, I may seem like a really bad gamer to some, but to Some, this is my first Cave Story hack type thingy. Another problem I have is leveling up. I feel like I can only level up by grinding. I lose an amazing amount of Exp when I get hit. And in the case I am in, I cannot grind, because I cannot rapidly go into and out of a room. So I basically cannot level up. Also, it’s not helped by the fact that when things die, they only drop experience in ones.

    • RandomPersonCriticMan says:

      Whoops, meant to reply to the last thing…

      • Noxid says:

        Comment nesting is limited to four deep, otherwise the text gets all squished and stuff.
        As for the grinding thing, I think there’s only two areas where it’s feasible. The first is outside of the save spot in the Hermit’s cave, getting bubbler to lv.3 there makes things much easier afterwards due to the increased attack power. The second is the top side of the save cave in Web of Tunnels, since it’s got an HP recover, and the power critters outside give 6 Xp each. Again, the Plasma Bolt level three far outshines the previous two levels.
        And, if this is your first CS mod, if you are looking for more you might want to try WTF-Story. It can be tough but I think he included an easy mode for his. I’ve got a link to his blog on the right side of the page here under “Blogroll”.

        • RandomPersonCriticMan says:

          Why thank you. I just hope that some day I can play this without dying every five seconds, anyways, going to play WTF-Story and see how it is, and maybe get that life powerup thingy in King Story later.

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