Poll Number Two.

December 15, 2009 § 5 Comments

I feel like it’s about time for another poll! And that means the other one is now closed. Thank you to those who voted, I appreciate your feedback!

This next poll is about what sort of stuff I should be devoting  my resources (time) towards becoming better at and making more of. Cooler weapons? Totally new enemies?

…art? I guess I could find someone to do it for me…

Probably not though…

§ 5 Responses to Poll Number Two.

  • la man says:

    now, this may seem a tad odd, coming from me, but hacks are not the most important part of a mod. at all.
    actually, I have more respect for a person if they make a sick mod without assembly haxxors, but I guess your past that point.


    what you really need to do to have a good game is build up an atmosphere. It needs to fit in with itself and inspire the player. Retro, groovy tunes are not good unless you also have retro groovy graphics, it would seem out of place.

    soooo I voted for storyline, I don’t really see much point in playing mods without story unless it’s for the challenge, and I’m really not that good as far as challenges go.

    good luck, young padawan.
    master needs to sleep.

  • trickybilly says:

    I know you will achieve ALL THE GOOD STUFF you listed :-), regardless what I pick…

  • N0xid says:

    I’m glad people think story is important. At the beginning, that was my main focus. But then I got thinking, what if nobody cares? What if they just want to jump around and shoot stuff with lazar beem eyes and exploding rocket punch?

    My hope is restored ^_^
    Also, this doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the other stuff. As trickybilly inclined, I’ll try and do my best to represent on all fields.

  • Keron says:

    Of course, that could be a danger too – people might get so picky about the story that they’ll bicker about every little inconsistency as a prequel. Ooh.

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