November 30, 2009 § 3 Comments

This week I’ve been working on my musics. I want the game to have at least 75% original soundtrack (Although 100% would be nice too!). I’m starting to get a little pile of orgs here, although most aren’t finished. Here’s a link to a zip of some of my latest works.

Song T91: This one is pretty fun.

TranquilV2: I put this on the forum, but it was an edit so I doubt anyone knows. It’s my “Safety” Theme.

Title: Hrmrm, well, I don’t know if this will even go in the game. Depends on if I want a remix of an old song or a whole fresh one. If not, this is the only place you’ll ever find it, probably.

That’s all I’ll put for now. I am pretty reserved about sharing the music for some reason. I was going to put two others in, but I was messing around with MediaFire and it accidentally my orgs. They were both in the “Show your orgs” thread at one point, though.

§ 3 Responses to Music

  • trickybilly says:

    Tranqui is my favourite. It has a clear, warm, relaxing music.

  • UltimaLinkStephen says:

    TranquilV2: Doesn’t sound like a remix to me, either way I love it though. It sounds like something you would hear in an 8bit RPG.

    Title: Took me a while to figure out it was a remix of the main theme, it fits the story to the game though, since I am assuming it will be a very dark mod.

    Song T91: Sounds pretty cool, I like it. I am assuming it will be in the green room area. It sounds like you are in a rush(Which you are, I am assuming since this is after mimiga village.) but also has some type of calming sound to it.

    I like them all, can’t wait for the new demo so I can hear these in game.

  • N0xid says:

    Thanks for the comments :)
    Tranquil is one of my favorites too. I actually stumbled upon that melody while I was trying to write something more energetic, and figured it was too good to go to waste. I was a bit confusing when I described it, I meant not that it’s a remix of safety or anything but it’s just like, the same purpose.

    I’ve got about 15 songs over half done or finished now, although some of them aren’t very good.. And I actually have a different song in mind for the green cave, so you can look forward to it!

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