October 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

First of all, for any Canadian followers out there I hope you had a nice long Thanksgiving weekend. For everybody else, it’s just another weekend, no turkey. Oh well.

Here’s what I suppose could be called the “Prologue” to King’s Story. Enjoy!

Deep within the catacombs of an Island in the sky, there exists a small population of creatures called Mimigas. For centuries, the Mimigas lived in peace on the island, content to farm the land and fish in the bubbling freshwater pools. They knew nothing of the dark secret that lie deep within the island’s heart.

The humans that lived on the surface, however, have legends that speak of an ancient artifact of a forgotten age that has the power to grant it’s user’s darkest desires. When the humans developed the technology to travel to the skies, they send squads of researchers and scientists to the mysterious island on a mission to uncover its secrets.

When the humans first met the Mimigas, they were welcomed with open arms. The Mimigas shared their knowledge of the island and it’s labyrinthe caves. In turn, the humans taught the Mimigas about architecture, irrigation, and other technologies that would improve their quality of life. Mimiga society advanced quickly under the guidance of the humans, and it was heralded as a golden age of prosperity and happiness.

Then, one day, they humans withdrew contact with the Mimigas. Scientists abandoned their workstations, and stopped visiting the villages. There were some humans that stayed with the Mimigas, but they would never discuss the reasons for all the other humans leaving. They simply began to teach the Mimiga a new sort of lesson: how to use a gun.

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